About Us

At Mosquito Shield, we’re dedicated to preserving the joy of spending time outdoors for the Woodlands, Spring and Conroe area families. From the beauty of blooming trees in spring, to the heat of the summer and family gatherings in fall, there should be no reason to stay indoors! If pests like mosquitoes and ticks make you hesitant about spending time in your yard, on your patio, or any other outdoor space at your home, Mosquito Shield can help.

From our convenient Woodlands area office, we have the ability to service your property quickly. Our drive to develop the most effective mosquito and tick control solutions for residential homes came from our desire to help families and individuals get the most out of our warm months and reducing the threat of pests. To solve the mosquito and tick problem, we researched, tested, and developed an innovative barrier spray comprised of natural oil. The ground breaking spray barrier kills the mosquitoes within the treated area, masks the CO2 produced by humans (that attracts mosquitoes), and also repels them away from your property.

One of the most incredible things about our unique technique and formula is the barriers ability to last for days and weeks and increase in strength as the season progresses, meaning that you can enjoy all of our beautiful weather, and skip the bug spray.

When you contact Mosquito Shield, one of our trained technicians will take the time to get to know your unique needs, making sure to develop a mosquito control solution that will work best for you.