Mosquito Shield of The Woodlands, TX
P.O. Box 8643
Spring, TX 77387
(281) 814-5017
Cindy and Glen Chance

Location – Mosquito Shield of The Woodlands

Mosquito Shield was founded in 2001 to fill the need for an effective residential mosquito and flea/tick treatments.

The company developed Mosquito Protection Barrier™, a patent pending spray that rids properties of the existing mosquito population. It also builds a barrier around that property.

This creates a virtually mosquito-free environment.

MPB includes FlexBlend, the industry’s only intelligent spray-blend technology.

The continuous 10-17 day treatment cycle throughout the season strengthens the barrier and reduces the risk of mosquito infestation. It is also providing a haven for outdoor living and entertaining.

For thousands of customers nationwide, Mosquito Shield provides peace of mind during mosquito and flea/tick season.

The location for The Woodlands, Texas franchise began operations in 2014. It operates under the direction of Conroe, Texas residents Glen and Cindy Chance.

“We are lifetime residents of the Houston area and have lived in our franchise territory for over 40 years,” said Cindy Chance. “We are excited about how fast the region is growing and the new businesses that are coming to the area.”

That growth prompted the Chances to bring in a business of their own. Therefore, they secured The Woodlands, Texas franchise territory for Mosquito Shield and began providing this unique product and service to the region.

The Chances will focus on offering optimum customer service to their Mosquito Shield clients.

“Our past experiences have taught us the importance of customer service,” said Chance. “We pay attention to details. This product and service will allow us to provide a comfortable atmosphere for our customers. We want them to enjoy their yards, pools, and outdoor kitchens.”

Mosquito Shield currently offers mosquito control and flea/tick control services throughout the country. It delivers effective solutions, professional service, and guaranteed results to a rapidly growing base of satisfied customers.

The Company

Mosquito Shield has invested over 14 years of research and development into its Mosquito Protection Barrier™. The company is setting the industry standard for mosquito and flea/tick control and setting itself apart with 95-97 percent customer approval ratings for service, value, and effectiveness.

Residents and local businesses looking to contract with Mosquito Shield of The Woodlands, TX can contact the company via email at info@woodlandstxmoshield.com