Why doesn’t The Woodlands spray for mosquitoes?

Mosquito spray when disease is present is recommended

The Woodlands are lousy with these pests. So why doesn’t The Woodlands spray for mosquitoes?

Here at Mosquito Shield of The Woodlands, our season is underway. We have been out treating properties for mosquitoes and helping folks prepare for summer.

The company has enjoyed a tremendous success rate in the battle against these harmful pests.

As we interact with our customers, we are often asked about the fight against mosquitoes.

Many have the same questions; why doesn’t The Woodlands spray for mosquitoes?

Spray for mosquitoes vs. Integrated Mosquito Management

The South Montgomery County / The Woodlands area practices Integrated Mosquito Management.

This is what is recommended by the Texas Department of State Health Services and Texas A & M Mosquito Research Lab.

The process doesn’t involve a state or county sponsored mosquito spray.

An Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM) program has several steps that start with sampling and eventually leading to a “chemical control” process.

At Mosquito Shield of The Woodlands our own process has been tested and perfected. While we are entering our fourth year of business, the products and processes we use have been in place for over 15 years.

Using a proprietary blend of natural products and control ingredients, we treat the perimeter of your property along with the interior shrubbery and organic structures.

This works in three ways.

It will create a scent barrier and that both repels mosquitoes and masks the Co2 on the property. The spray for mosquitoes also has a surfactant that allows it to stick to foliage. When that product gets on the wings of the mosquitoes it takes them down.

The Integrated Mosquito Management acknowledges that overuse of pesticides can create a resistant strain of mosquitoes. Therefore, Mosquito Shield utilizes its FlexBlend approach to it spray for mosquitoes, adjusting the blend to avoid this phenomena.

So, don’t wait for the State to engage in a mosquito management solution. Call Mosquito Shield today at (281) 814-5017.